JULY 2012


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    Tokyo Skipjack – Gogirl! Magazine.

    So far, the best Japanese steak house we have visited. Clean, fresh and wonderful food! Penasaran kan sama menu steak dengan sentuhan Jepang di Tokyo Skipjack, yang memang lagi happening ini? Ok, kalo gitu mari meluncur ke seputaran Blok M, tepatnya Tokyo Skipjack berada di area parkir Cosmo Supermarket, seberang GOR Bulungan. Waaaaw, menjelang malam waktu Gogirl! nyampe disana, ternyata rame banget. Bahkan bisa dibilang, semua meja terisi penuh loh. Tapi demi nyoba steak yang satu ini, Gogirl! rela kok menunggu sabar sampai dapet meja yang kosong, hehe.. Continue reading

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    TOKYO SKIPJACK | The Beat Magazine.

    A new Japanese-influenced steak joint is ready to cater to your carnivorous cravings!

    Skipjack is a labor of love for two old college buddies with a passion for good food. The name itself is actually derived from a kind of tuna typically found in the waters around Japan, but they decided that it’s catchy enough for their eatery. It is a semi-outdoor restaurant, located at Cosmo Japanese Supermarket near Blok M area. As we arrived there, the aroma of meat sizzling on the grill was just too tantalizing.

    The kitchen area looks like a cross between a country woodshed and a Yakitori counter. This is a very casual place, but the folks at Skipjack are dead serious about their stuff. And judging from the packed house that evening, this is the new place to be for steaks! Continue reading


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    JenzCorner.net | Tokyo Skipjack |.

    Last week, a good friend told me about a newly opened sidewalk eatery called Tokyo Skipjack that sells good quality steaks. I was quite interested to try it, but since it was an open air eatery, we couldn’t hope much for it to be a non-smoking place. So last weekend we decided to try it. We planned to come early in the hope of avoiding the dinner/smoker crowd.

    Tokyo Skipjack is located on the parking lot of Cosmo Supermarket. They were supposed to start grilling at 5PM, but apparently that day they were opening at 6PM. Tokyo Skipjack serves NZ and US steak (sirloin/rib eye/tenderloin), and they also have 500gr US porter steak. So we ordered a 200gr NZ tenderloin steak, medium rare with Japanese chimicurrysauce 95k, the steak came with 2 side dishes, so we chose mitsuba mash with corn batayaki. Continue reading