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    TOKYO SKIPJACK | The Beat Magazine.

    A new Japanese-influenced steak joint is ready to cater to your carnivorous cravings!

    Skipjack is a labor of love for two old college buddies with a passion for good food. The name itself is actually derived from a kind of tuna typically found in the waters around Japan, but they decided that it’s catchy enough for their eatery. It is a semi-outdoor restaurant, located at Cosmo Japanese Supermarket near Blok M area. As we arrived there, the aroma of meat sizzling on the grill was just too tantalizing.

    The kitchen area looks like a cross between a country woodshed and a Yakitori counter. This is a very casual place, but the folks at Skipjack are dead serious about their stuff. And judging from the packed house that evening, this is the new place to be for steaks!

    The meats here are of excellent quality. Weighing at about 200 grams each, the US Sirloin (145k), Tenderloin (165k), and Rib Eye (155k) were superbly succulent. Yes, they do have more budget-friendly choices of New Zealand Sirloin (65k), Rib Eye (75k), and Tenderloin (95k), but the US ones are simply to die for!

    Why not indulge yourself with “The King of Steak” that is Skipjack’s US Porterhouse (275k)? All 500 grams of beefy goodness that is big in size and big in flavor. One side of the porterhouse is the wonderful full-bodied taste of strip loin steak, while the other is the luxurious tenderness of filet mignon – the best of both worlds, indeed!

    The meats are the main stars here, but the side dishes play a supporting role worthy of winning the Food Oscars themselves! The seemingly simple golden brown French fries are seasoned with Balinese sea salt for an extra oomph. The sweet Corn Batayaki is a corn on the cob brushed with a yummy mixture of soy sauce and butter. The mashed potato is called Mitsuba Mash; mitsuba is a type of Japanese parsley with a fresh, slightly peppery flavor. Put together, it gives the creamy mashed potato a certain texture and taste like no other. Last but not least, the Green Salad with Japanese Dressing is a delightful mix of Japanese ‘Horenzo’ spinach with homemade Goma dressing. They are all vying for your attention, but the good thing is you can choose two sides to accompany your steak!

    The meats and side dishes are all good, but the sauces here are pure genius! Skipjack has four types of homemade sauces, each one as tasty as the other. The Homemade Barbecue and Creamy Mushroom are classic companions to your choice of steak, but the two most popular here are the Wasabi Butter and the Japanese Chimichurri. The former is a buttery blend of sauce with just a hint of a kick from the wasabi. The latter can be described as “When Tokyo Meets Tango”; a Japanese take on Argentina’s national steak sauce, the Chimichurri. Here, the more traditional parsley is substituted with the Mitsuba. These are some winning cross-cultural combinations, if you asked us!

    Skipjack is giving other steak eateries a run for their money, and rightly so. This is one highly recommended place for steaks. Ask them about their philosophies of Kodawari and Kiwameru; you’ll understand why Skipjack is fast becoming the favorite for Jakarta’s steak lovers.
    (Budi Iskandar)

    Tokyo Skipjack
    At Cosmo Japanese Supermarket
    Jl. Bulungan No. 16,
    Jakarta Selatan 12130
    Ph.: (021) 9972 5000
    Opens: 6 – 10 pm
    Note: Closed on Mondays

    Twitter: @TokyoSkipjack
    Facebook: TokyoSkipjack


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